destin classic reflexology 3.5mm low arch insole

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Poor supportive footwear can cause sore feet and bad posture. With Rewind Insoles, you can experience better spinal alignment and minimize pronation. Extreme Impact Protection material that absorbs up to 90% of impact energy throughout a lifetime of repeated strikes. Soft, flexible, lightweight, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and breathable.


• Low Arch
• 3.5 MM thick
• Mid-Width
• State of the art high impact diffuser that provides the perfect amount of cushion, comfort and support
• Bio-mechanically engineered arch shape to promote foot/body alignment, balance and stability
• The industry’s most durable, high performance, lightweight materials that provide high energy return and don’t break down
• Lightweight materials to ensure high performance response and a cloud like feeling
• Self-forming technology that custom molds to each specific foot details providing even weight distribution and a perfect, customized fit
• Organic moisture wicker treatment that promotes dry cool feet
• Organic odor control treatment that promotes healthy smelling feet and anti-microbial growth

Unisex Sizing (US Shoe Size)
• 4-4.5 Men's = 6-6.5 Women's
• 5-5.5 Men's = 7-7.5 Women's
• 6-6.5 Men's = 8-8.5 Women's
• 7-7.5 Men's = 9-9.5 Women's
• 8-8.5 Men's = 10-10.5 Women's

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